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Bad Foods For The Heart

It is common knowledge that some foods are worse for you than others. What is not so commonly understood, however, is that certain foods are especially bad for specific parts of the body. When focusing on heart health in relation to diet, it is important to look closely at the effects certain foods will have on your heart. When thinking of food in terms of health, it is necessary to do more than steer clear of high calorie foods.

Instead, you must understand what the food you eat does to your body, and whether or not your diet is putting you at risk. Here is a look at ten of the worst foods in terms of heart health.

1. Processed Meats
Meats like sausage and hot dogs are high in sodium, saturated fat and nitrates. They are also lower in protein that you would expect.

2. Red Meat
While better than the processed meats listed above, red meat is still high in saturated fat. You don’t have to give up steak completely, however, simply opt for a lean cut to minimize fat intake.


Fried Foods
Surprisingly, it’s not necessarily the frying that’s bad so much as what they’re frying in. Restaurants tend to reuse their frying oil numerous times, each time increasing the saturated fat.

4. Pizza
Aside from having loads of saturated fat, the cheese, cream and butter that go into making a pizza are all high in cholesterol.

5. Soda
Soda is loaded with sugar and extra calories. Soda increases the risk for heart disease and contributes to weight gain and diabetes.

6. Trans Fats
Trans fats has been shown to increase bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol.

7. Salt
Sodium has been found to increase blood pressure, and cutting the amount of sodium you take in can not only lower high blood pressure, but actually help prevent you from developing hypertension.

8. Sugar
Sugar is high in calories and has been linked with high triglyceride levels. Sugar is also an ingredient in many popular dishes, meaning that many people have diets with entirely too much sugar. Even seemingly healthy options, like fruit juice, are often loaded with sugar.

9. White Bread
White bread is loaded with refined carbohydrates and is thought to significantly increase the risk of heart disease.

10. Microwave Popcorn
Microwave popcorn is full of trans fats that increase your cholesterol. This goes not only for microwave popcorn, but movie theater popcorn and any other kind flavored with processed butter.