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10 Foods To Eat To Avoid a Heart Attack

Diet is major contributing factor to heart disease and heart attacks. Eating the right foods, however, can help people avoid heart attacks. Certain foods have properties that help people lose weight, reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Including these types of foods in the diet can reduce the risk of experiencing a heart attack. The following ten foods have shown to improve heart health and to be important parts of an overall heart healthy diet.

1. Red Wine

Research indicates that red wine can help reduce the risk of heart attacks. For men, two glasses of red wine per day is recommended.

For women, only one glass is enough to reduce the risk. An antioxidant in wine called resveratrol is responsible for this health benefit, and it helps to reduce several risk factors including obesity. It activates a protein called sirtuin 1 that helps protect the heart against inflammation, and also helps to enhance blood cells in the blood vessels. Moderate consumption of red wine seems to have several benefits for heart health.

Red Wine